• Under the supervision of the Floor Warden, Searchers are responsible for finding and evacuating all personnel from the floor, specifically from remote areas such as storage rooms, file rooms, coffee/break areas, restrooms, etc. 
  • Check all rooms including restrooms, conference rooms, reception areas, offices and remote areas. 
  • Close, but do not lock, all doors after you have determined that the room has been evacuated. 
  • Place a “searched” sticker or note on doors at knee height to indicate a room has been searched and evacuated.  (In the event of an actual fire, the floor may be filled with smoke by the time firemen reach it and the lower the “searched” sticker is placed the easier it will be for them to see it.) 
  • Advises any remaining personnel on the floor of the emergency and insists on their evacuation. 
  • Evacuates non-employees found on the floor. 
  • Must be familiar with the building’s emergency procedures and the location of all stairwells