Each member of the building’s Floor Response Team has an extremely important job to perform in the event of an emergency.  Each Floor Response Team designee should become familiar with the following duties.


Floor Warden

  • Appoints personnel to the emergency team and fills all vacant positions 
  • Maintains an updated roster of Floor Response Team personnel 
  • Keeps Management Office updated on any changes in Floor Response Team personnel 
  • Alerts Floor Response Team designees of potential emergencies 
  • Supervises the activities and training of Floor Response Team 
  • Responsible for informing and training Floor Response Team in emergency procedures 
  • Ensures that Floor Response Team know their assigned duties and locations in case of an emergency 
  • Pre-plans the handling of physically impaired personnel during evacuation 
  • Responsible for the evacuation of Floor Response Team 
  • Responsible for notifying Elevator Monitor to evacuate