At the time of move-in, each Tenant is asked to complete the Floor Response Team Form (found in Forms tab) designating personnel that will be responsible for taking charge in the event of an emergency. It is up to each Tenant to assure that this form is updated when designated personnel leave employment of the firm or for other reasons is no longer able to perform the outlined duties of emergency personnel.


While the Management Office may periodically host Floor Response Team training, the general responsibilities are outlined here. It is the responsibility of all Floor Response Team personnel to familiarize themselves with these guidelines as well as all of the building’s Emergency Procedures.


There are five primary Floor Response Team positions. They are: 


  • Floor Warden – Responsible for controlling staff in event of emergency and explaining/overseeing all emergency actions.


Each Tenant should designate an alternate Floor Warden in case the Floor Warden is out of the office when an emergency occurs.


  • Stairwell Monitor – At direction of Floor Warden, leads employees to exit stairwells and monitors the safe and efficient evacuation via stairwells.


  • Elevator Monitor – Is positioned at elevator banks and ensures that no one uses the elevators during an emergency.


  • Searcher – After all personnel have evacuated the suite, the searcher returns to the office suite to ensure that all have in fact evacuated and that there are no injured persons left behind.


  • Assistant to the Physically Impaired – Assists any handicapped individuals during an emergency and/or building evacuation.