Operating Hours


Visitor & Short Term Parking

Daily visitors are allowed to park in any space that is designated as “Visitor Parking”.  Please remind your staff not to use these spaces for daily parking and remind your visitors of the designated areas. 

Handicap Spaces

Parking stalls reserved for handicapped individuals are clearly marked. As a reminder, do not park in these spaces unless you have a valid handicapped license.

Parking Guidelines & Reminders

To ensure the safety of our visitors and proper use of our parking at Lakeside Office Park; please adhere to the following guidelines:


  1. Phone the Management Office if you observe any hazards in the parking areas. 
  2. Remember to always lock your vehicle and remove any valuables including cellular phones.  
  3. Please observe all directional, speed limit, and stop signs throughout the parking area. 
  4. Do not park illegally or in fire lanes.  Cars parked in these areas are subject to citation and/or towing. 
  5. Handicapped spaces are reserved for disabled persons only. Cars illegally parked in these areas are subject to citation and/or towing. 
  6. All vehicles must be parked in designated stalls and may occupy only one space.
  7. Landlord shall have the right to tow or otherwise remove vehicles of the Tenant Parties and their invitees that are improperly parked, blocking ingress or egress lanes, or violating parking rules, at the expense of Tenant or the owner of the vehicle, or both, and without liability to Landlord. 
  8. Upon request by Landlord, Tenant shall furnish Landlord with the license numbers and descriptions of any vehicles of the Tenant Parties. 
  9. Tenant acknowledges that reserved parking spaces, if any, shall only be reserved during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, Legal Holidays excluded. 
  10. Parking spaces may be used for the parking of passenger vehicles only and shall not be used for parking commercial vehicles or trucks (except sports utility vehicles, mini-vans, and pick-up trucks utilized as personal transportation), boats, personal watercraft, or trailers. 
  11. No parking space may be used for the storage of equipment or other personal property. 
  12. Overnight parking in the Parking Areas is prohibited. 
  13. Landlord, in Landlord’s sole and absolute discretion, may establish from time to time a parking decal or pass card system, security check-in, or other reasonable mechanism to restrict parking in the Parking Areas.
  14. Landlord reserves the right to charge Tenant an administrative fee of $50.00 per violation of the foregoing rules.